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Pastor Festus Nsoha

by Kája Soukupová
(Czech Republic)

Pastor Festus Nsoha

Pastor Festus Nsoha

My pastor is a true gift of God not only for me but for the whole body of Christ not only in my country but in many others. I can see his love for God, his commitment to Him, His word and His people. The love he shows us in preaching, teaching, advising, example of life, endurance, patience, forgiveness, humility and allegiance is a great blessing to my life.

His faithfulness to us, the people whom the Lord called him to, is wondrous. I am very blessed and thankful that the Lord brought me to the ministry, where He Himself trained His servant to train and help us in our way to follow and serve Him, who is worthy of all the praise.

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Greetings from Life Church in Vicksburg MS
by: Bob Jinkins

I cannot begin to express the blessing that this man of God has been through his life, his love, and his teaching. As my Father, I am no respecter of persons, but I am of this man. I am thankful to God for allowing this man to touch my life. My prayer is that he is blessed beyond all he can imagine, and in turn, gives all glory and honor to God the Father,the Holy Spirit, and His preeminence, Jesus, The Christ, Yeshua, our Messiah.

Wonders of God
by: Pastor Ben. Akalonu -Nigeria.

It's amazing how our God takes a man from nothing to something.Pastor Festus was a man who started from nothing and God raised him to the level he is today,is amazing that God has not finished with him.Is only God who knows the height He is taking him tomorrow. It all started in his one room in Port Harcourt Nigeria but today what started in a room is now blessing not only nations but continents.Pastor Festus, rid on God is yet to put more feathers to your cap, only remain focused.

A wonderful friend
by: Pastor Rachel Kollie Elangwe

I have known Pastor since the 1980's because we worked together in the ministry so I have known the grace of God in his life. I am so proud that he is still being a blessing to his world. I pray our God will use him intensely as never before. I love him very much.

Thanks for a Word
by: Adah Mande Awolos

Your coming to Cameroon during a programme which you hostedt at the Kumba Town Green on the 6-10 February, 2013 it was a BIG BLESSING in my life because i was down spiritually and you caming gave me hope to keep up again from where i had fallen. Thanks Pastor

He is ...
by: V. Nwaikwu

Well as a kid then Pastor Festus Nsoha was been a very kind friend to me. Not for the fact that we lived in same compound at Kumba, Cameroon, or that he is a very good friend of my Dad as they hails from same village, But Because God has Blessed him with love for children. "Bro Fes" as we fondly called him then, traveled to Czech Republic, and that was when God's purposes in his life became a reality. Nevertheless I have missed him so much as I grew up without him beside me, but he has never changed as he always comes back to Africa blessing the poor, enlightening the youths and showing love that same old love to the children. I heard how God has used him to do exploits and blessed many in Czech Republic, well so unfortunate that since he traveled to Czech I have been opportune to see him but once (during my grand mother's burial). I wish I could spend some time with him again. But till then, He is really a Blessing from God to mankind.

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