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Pastor Elder

by Ivan King Jr
(Lewisville, Texas, USA)

Pastor Elder is entering his 13th year as Pastor of the Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church in Lewisville, Texas. Over the years, I've seen Pastor evolve personally and spiritually. I am honored to serve under such a dynamic and charismatic individual.

When I accepted the invitation to pay tribute to my Pastor, I was confident that I would not have any problems putting to pen something worthy of this occasion. Boy was I wrong. AS I sat down to write, I pondered all the usual things one should say about the man of God. I reflected on how he is always willing to serve whenever called. How he inspires those who pay attention to and follow his biblical teachings. How he migrated from showing any and everyone how high he could kick up his leg to standing up slowly as he blew past his 50th birthday.

Pastor loves his orange juice mixed with apple juice before, during and after his sermons. Although, I think we need to get him a bigger glass so he won't spill so much on the floor in front of his bench. Either time is still not a priority with Pastor or he simply doesn't know how long to count. When he promises to let us out early, get ready for 1:15 pm. If he says he is about finished during a sermon, start counting -about eight "I'm about finished"
later he closes.

I'm about finished, but before I take my seat, let me share with you my special name for Ronald Elder.

You can Google the definition when you get home, but I am proud to call him PASTOR.

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