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Pastor Elder Nick H. Myers

by Melvia (his nurse) Carter
(Alliance, Ohio USA )

Nick and Dyanne Myers

Nick and Dyanne Myers

My pastor has died but yet lived to tell his story. He had a stroke and yet he still preaches with three stints in his heart. Living in the world of sin God told him "Preach or Die" and that was over 15+ years ago. My pastor will go to the hospital to pray for those that aren't even members of our church. He gives to the poor and always raises an offering for someone else. Those that walk by him and won't speak come back and need him to help bury a loved one and he does it with a smile and no questions asked. His wife gets upset sometimes cause she loves her husband and dont like people taking advantage of him. He just smiles at her and say this I do for the Lord not for the people, God will bless me. My Pastor also is a prophet in his own town the bible would say so very few attend our church, but it doesn't stop him from speaking the truth. That is what I love about him, he is about souls cause he is a non paid Pastor,therefore money is not a distraction. He enjoys to joke around at times to get people to see being saved doesnt mean you are dead, it is ok to laugh. I love him and his wife Dyanna and this is my tribute to him.

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Bishop is BLESSED
by: Elder Dr. Nick H. Myers III

My Daddy taught me how to pray when I was very young! I remember him saying get down on your knees and put your hands together like this and repeat after me! Our Father...... It makes me smile every time I think about it. Now many years later God has now elevated Pastor Myers to Bishop. Bishop says that just means he has to work harder. He has dedicated his life to Kingdom Building. He taught me to put GOD first in all I do! In doing so I can never fail! I thank GOD for Bishop, First Lady and The Anointed Fountain Church. I don’t know where I would be without GOD and them! Thank you Daddy!

God gives us favor
by: Anonymous

God saw fit to give my Pastor favor. My Pastor does wonderful work for all that he encounters or comes in contact with. I love my Pastor because first he has faith in God and he is a true believer that prayer works. Thanks Superintendent Myers for helping me change my life......I love You

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