Pastor Elder Nick H. Myers Jr

by Melvia Carter
(Alliance, Ohio, USA)

My pastor is a wonderful man of God that sometimes goes unnoticed by his community because he was born and raised there. He preaches the truth even when no one wants to hear the truth.

He's always giving his time to others regardless of what is said or done to him. He is freely giving a hand wherever is needed even if it is not returned. He is a very loving man of God and he seeks his word daily.

We are in the mist of reconstructing our church and he is right there on his hands and knees from 9 am to sometimes 9pm working away to get the house of God in order. My Pastor is in his late 50's and no longer a youth so to see him still get up and get down after having a death experience is a blessing.

I love my Pastor. Please keep our Church And Pastor in prayer... Anointed Fountain COGIC.

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