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Pastor D.L. Wilson

by Monica L. Jones
(Garland, Texas)

Congratulations Pastor Wilson on 20 years of faithfully preaching and teaching Gods Word. Truly I am looking forward to witnessing you win that 2010 Rhythm of Gospel Pastor of Excellence award this summer because this is your year and I know that's what God has in store for you. (smile).

I'm thankful to God for giving me an outstanding Pastor that is loving, kind, caring, anointed, God fearing and witty. Praying for you another 20+ years to spread the Gospel at home and far. Blessings Pastor.

Much love,

Monica L. Jones (Your faithful secretary of 15 years)

Comments for Pastor D.L. Wilson

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To a man of God
by: Anonymous

To a Man of God Choice! God has truly blessed Sweethome with a Pastor that is leading people to Christ. He has a gift that only God could have gave him. Thank God for Pastor Wilson and I truly Love my Uncle and my Pastor. He is a man of God and God please keep using him to touch my life with the word that he proclaims in your name.

Keep on Praying
by: Rita

To a man i've known for more than 40 years (LOL). To a Servant i've know for over 20. I say to you Thank you for excepting me and my family as a part of yours and constantly TEACHING and PREACHING the GOSPEL, in doing that pastor you have helped change my life. GOD has favored you in ways that some can't understand. I know that GOD has permission in your life to do whatever he wants to do, so pastor be BLESSED wherever this life leads you. Congratulations on the award and may GOD continue to BLESS you and our First Lady and family.

Love you
Humble Servant

Bless You Pastor
by: Andrea Rhodes & Family


I Thank God for being a sheep in your flock.
For every blessing God has and will bestow upon you is very well deserved.
I Thank God for you and always Praying for your strength.

Psalms: 1-3
And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

God's Great Gospel Giant!
by: S. Lewis Hughes and Centorial W. Hughes

Pastor Wilson,

We have been blessed by your preaching, teaching and singing. Your humility and commitment to excellence are unmatchable. We pray that God continues to strengthen you, as He profoundly "Enlarges Your Territory!"

We pray that God blesses you and keep you, that He causes His face to shine upon. That the Father lifts his countenance towards you and give you peace.

To God Be The Glory!!!!

The Hughes Family

Because You Are Humble
by: Carol Baber

Pastor because you have humbled yourself in the sight of God, He has use you in a mighty and blessed way. Everyone that has been is you presence has been touched, much more than you can imagine. I thank God for you and First Lady Dorotha Wilson, because you are a valuable part of my entire family's lives. May God's richest blessing continue to be with you.

Even though the time may seem tuff and the task may seem hard God chose you because He know you would stick it through. God will never put more on you than He has enabled you to bear. Much love and great respect for both you and 1st Lady. Carol and Family

Congatulations on 20 years
by: Katreece Ford

Congratulations Pastor Wilson on your 20years of preaching and teaching! I've been a member of Sweet Home for 6years and have been fortunate to sit under a Pastor who Truly is after GODS' own heart.You, Pastor Wilson preach the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ and that is truly appreciated especially in a time such as this. God has favored you, and I pray that you continue to dwell in the secret place of the Most High God and reap a harvest of plenty blessings, so I encourage you to stay on the battlefield for the Lord and win as many souls over to God's kingdom as you can til you hear the words, well done thy good a faithful servant! Congratulations!
Katreece Ford and Family

A Pastor Of Greatness
by: Anonymous

Well Pastor Wilson as you know I'm not a person of many words.But I must say it"s been truly an honor to be a member under your leadership at Sweet Home. And you have earn the right to be where you are through the grace of God.You did not run from your challenges you embraced them,overcame them and now look where you are.Pastor Wilson congratulations you are a inspiration to us all. Shelly Powell

A Man of So Many Things
by: Dee Jackson


You are a indeed a man of so many things, you are a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, and above them all you are a devoted child of god, and the job that he has given to you to deliver his word to the rest of his kids as well as your flock, you do it without hesitation, you do it without discrimination, you do it without showing fear. And for all of this things I thank you. You deliver the word in a way for all to understand, you save what's on your heart, You are a wonderful man and I do believe that you deserve all of the blessings that he is bestowing upon you and all of the rewards that he is giving you in your life. Keep being the person that you are because your word is indeed helping me to become the Christian that I want and need to be.

Dee Jackson

by: Lessie Lister

PASTOR WILSON, I just want to say I thank God , for being able to know you first as a man who was sent by God,and to see you become a Teacher,preacher,and a pastor.

What God has for you it is for you.



Preaching an uncompromising Gospel!
by: Regina Richardson

Pastor Wilson,
You preach an uncompromising gospel and for that I thank you. You do not sugar coat nor try to appease the masses by saying what they want to hear. You tell the truth!! Every Sunday morning you bless us with the Word. Not your Word but the Word of God. I have learned so much from you(and still am learning!). I have learned to trust in God no matter the situation. Pastor Wilson on a personal note, you and First Lady have taught me that a love that is built on God, trust and respect is worth striving for. Thank you for all your tireless work.

To My Spiritual Father and First Lady
by: Annette and Benny Johnson

A website can't sum of the love that we have for Pastor D.L. Wilson and First Lady Wilson. Congratulations on your 20 years of doing what God has called you to do in the kingdom. Pastor for the last 4 years I have mourned the loss of my father until one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said in the sense that my earthly father has passed on, my Heavenly Father is with me always but God has placed such an anointed Spiritual Father Pastor Wilson to guide me, mentor and help me walk in my purpose. First Lady, God is my rock, Benny is my best friend but you are the one of the special women in my life that has taught me other than moma how to be a Woman of God, prepare for what God has in store for my husband, and to be the wife God has intended me to be. You have and still mentor me on the wrongs within myself as well as the attributes I posses. Thank both of you for always being available day or night, being personal and allowing us in your lives, and always upholding the integrity that is required of a couple in leadership. Your light and the Christ in you shines daily. We love you so much, Annette, Benny Madison and Destiny.

God's Man Of The Year July 2010
by: Robert Cooper

It has been an honor to be under your leadership and it really has been a privilege being a part of your family. It is one thing to deliver the word of God, but quite extraordinary to humbly and truly live the life of what is ministered. You have truly painted an outstanding portrait of what it means to "take up your cross and follow me". Your sacrifice, love, support, servanthood, patience,and above all your prayers has touched my life as well as many others.I Love you and may God's grace be with you always!!

Romans 8:37-39

A Man after God's own Heart
by: Chikeitha Owens

Congratulations, Pastor on 20 years of dedication and working daily to build up God's Kingdom. It is awesome to know that I have such a wonderful pastor that speaks the word of God and changes lives. It is a blessing to witness the Holy Spirit and the Power of God move through you and tag Sweet Home. It is a Blessing for me and my family that we are members of Sweet Home. My life has truly been blessed and I pray that God continues to Bless you, First Lady and the Sweet Home Church Family. You are a blessing.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6

Sis. Chikeitha Owens

GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)
by: David & Shay Gort

My Pastor,

You have not only been a spiritual leader but a mentor, consultant, chorus member, teacher, fashion model, choir director (at times) but most of all you have been a friend who makes himself available day or night. From the first time we visited SHMBC I have heard you have preach from the depths of your soul, giving to your flock what GOD has given to you. Your anointing has touched our hearts, minds and our souls deeply. Continue to be the role model that our black men so desperately need, continue to be the husband that men such as myself can continue to appreciate the blessing of marriage, continue to be the preacher, teacher and PASTOR that will keep men, women and children running to the alter asking what must I do to be saved. And lastly my Pastor "Don't worry don't fret wipe the tears from your eyes because there is no failure in GOD, for whatever you the Lord he will provide, so don't worry you don't have to cry because there is no failure in GOD".

It's the Jesus that Lives in You
by: Pat McDonald

Pastor Wilson, CONGRATULATIONS are definitely in order for being selected as one of twelve Pastors, in the United States, to receive the Rhythm of Gospel Pastor of Excellence Award.
I am so proud of you and for all of your accomplishments not only at Sweet Home but in the community, as well. I often marvel at how you handle it all even when you are going through personal life challenges yourself. Your life, from what I see, is a great example of how we should live... regardless of the situation you keep smiling, you keep praying, you keep singing, you keep preaching the WORD and it all comes from your heart, with grace. You have touched so many lives because what's on the inside definitely comes out...LOVE!

Thank you Pastor, my friend. I am so proud to be a member of Sweet Home and even more proud to have you as my Pastor. I love you Pastor Wilson.

Pat McDonald

Thank you God
by: Gloria F. Hayes

Thank you God for loving me so much that you gave your only begotten Son Jesus, to die for my sins. And you rose Him from the grave that I may live eternally in heaven with You. You also gave me an earthly Pastor,who is indeed worthy of the honor he and his adoring wife receives. No matter how well dressed Pastor Wilson is each Sunday, his humble spirit reveals that he realizes that it is the whole armour of God and the blood of Jesus that covers him. Lord I thank you for his obedience to the spirit and Your word. Pastor Wilson you are truly a great Pastor and I am glad to be under your leadership. May God forever bless you and your family,in this your year of recognition, with many more to come.

Well Deserved
by: Minister A. Walker and Sis. Walker

Our Pastor, a man after God's own heart!
He?s a singer, a preacher, teacher, a choir director, a well dressed individual, personable with his congregation, humorous, compassionate, loving, and humble, these are just to name a few! We are glad that God has favored Pastor D.L. Wilson to be a recipient of receiving such a prestigious award out of 1,800 clergymen in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

Being who you are, has afforded you this well deserving recognition. The Best Is Yet To Come for you, Pastor D.L. Wilson! We wish you many more showers of blessings!


A Man Of God
by: Kojuana Davis Williams

Congratulations to my Pastor, Pastor D.L. Wilson on an outstanding 20 years. I am honored to be a member of Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church under your leadership. You can see the Lord all over you and it's truly a blessing to witness such miraculous work. I thank you for your dedication and the word that you bring to us.

I pray that your next 20 years will be more fulfilling than your last 20 years.


My one and only Pastor!
by: Ramell

I've known pastor ALL of my life! I remember when I was little at Kaiser Street I'd have to go with my mom to all rehearsals. One night she was rehearsing with the male chorus and he was singing and when they took a break I told him, "you're too loud! You don't have to scream." He just laughed at me and said "ok" And whenever they got back to singing he kept singing like he had been. Even in rehearsal he sings like he's singing on Sunday morning. I love it! Pastor and First Lady have always been there for me. I love having a pastor I can call at any time of the day. Love ya Pastor D.L.

Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Our family loves and appreciate you very much Rev. Wilson!

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