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by Linet Mbukha
(Port Saint Lucie, Florida)

For all it takes, I cannot let this opportunity pass without saying thank you to my pastor and his wife.

Pastor Derrick Jackson and his Beautiful wife, Verna Jackson, are the most precious gift that God gave to Lifeline Ministries and to me personally.

Pastor Jackson is truly a servant of God and God's people. He has the heart of a servant, He is humble, loving, and so dedicated to the work of God.

Pastor Jackson is readily available when you need him regardless of what time it would be or how tired he is. He ministers to all irrespective of race, riches, nationality, religious backgrounds, spiritual status and many more. He has no boundaries.

When he speaks, one can't help but acknowledge that he is truly anointed, and he knows the word of God. We at Lifeline Ministries are very well fed spiritually.

His love for everyone big or small, old or young is very manifest. He is definitely the best. Everyone feels very comfortable to approach our pastor for guidance because we know that he will do everything in his power through the wisdom from God to help.

His wife Verna Jackson is the most wonderful, anointed and precious person in our ministry. She takes very good care of our pastor and loves him. Our pastor comes to church dressed very decently, looking so happy, and refreshed. Verna ensures. She stands beside him and is a great support for his ministry.

Apart from that, Verna is used by the Lord in various other ministries in the church. I love my first lady so very much and appreciate her.

Thank you so much sister Jackson for allowing your husband (my pastor) to minister to us.

I may not have enough words or time to tell it all but I must say that I am so blessed to be one of Pastor Jackson's flock. I am in good hands. Thank you pastor for being my pastor.

Linet Mbukha


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You're a role model
by: Gideon

You're an example to all the little boys and teenage boys. Me, both of your sons, Christopher and Ian, R.J and Nickenson. You are also a role model for all the a church members. When some of your members left, you didn't give up. You are Courageous. Keep listening to God. You are all role model.

by: Rhoda

Thank you pastor Jackson for a great word in Miami . We really appreciate you and your family.

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