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Pastor Darin G. Freeman

by KFD
(Charleston, WV)

My pastor is special in so many ways. He has such a love for the Lord, and when you are around him, that spirit of love and enthusiasm for the Lord and the word jumps off on his members. I personally have never been so excited about the word of God. I have learned so much from his preaching, but he is also an awesome teacher. We at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church in Charleston,WV are so blessed to have him as our pastor. He cares for and loves all his members and is dedicated to helping us grow as Christian people. I have so much respect for him as do many other members of the church. He has integrity. He is an honest and giving man of God, and we honor him as our pastor. He preaches the word of God with boldness and gets our hearts and souls on fire for God! We have grown so much from the short period of time that he has been with us (less than 5yrs). There are a group of us that love and support our pastor so much, that we have been called Freemanites. Lol! It's not that we are necessarily Freemanites, but in fact, we are Christian men and women who are trying to live by the word of God. The bible has several scriptures on how we are to show appreciation for our pastor, or the shepherd of the flock: one of them being 1Corinthians 9:14 NST which says: The Lord commanded that those who preach the good news should be supported by those who benefit from it.In general, he is just an all around good man and I am honored to have him as my pastor and very blessed to be able to call him friend.

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