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Pastor Dale Jones, Sr.

by Kelli Lee
(Nashville, TN)

Pastor J., you have led me to spiritual heights for the past 3 years now and I'm grateful! I thank God for the richness of His word that is spoken every time you open your mouth. God bless you and First Lady J., for being great examples in the Kingdom--you both have motivated the members of Perfecting Faith to expect the unexpected and to live the good life that God has preordained us to live. You are the greatest and I want the world to know!

October 2008
Love ya both--

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by: Danette H Sweeting

I just wanted the world to know that if you are going thru a rough time in your life and you are in need of a place of restoration, Perfecting Faith Ministries is the place to go. There you will find a man and woman of God that is anointed for this time. You will not be judged by your situation, but you will find a place that is unctioned by the empowering of the Holy Ghost. At Perfecting Faith I have found Love and Restoration. I will forever be so grateful. Pastor Jones and First Lady I Love You.

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