Pastor Curtis B. Terrell

by Ilda Terrell
(Germantown, Md.)

Pastor Terrell

Pastor Terrell

My Pastor Curtis B. Terrell is not only my husband, he is the father of my child.

The best leader ever, he has a BIG HEART. He is loving, Great Character, Respectful.. Faithful..
My Pastor is the greatest person I have ever met. He is very sensitive to the Spirit of God. To the people of God, to our family. He is a True Man Of God. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

I am so blessed to have him as my Pastor, as my Husband, my best friend. Whenever I need some advice, I will go to him, God will always use him to give me the answer to the situation of which I may be facing at the time.

I thank God for him, I am also glad that he answers the call.

I give all the glory and honor to my Father which is in Heaven for my husband.


Ilda Terrell

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