Pastor Clifton Freeman Jr.

by Rev. Donald Overton Jr.
(Kelly, NC USA)

Pastor freeman has true compassion for all people. He will weep. He Loves all. He has the the biggest smile at all times! His family is very happy! The 1st Lady is very happy. Our pastor loves the Lord sooo very much, we can see it in his smile. He lives on less because the church will not share the wealth. He still smiles.

Our church is in First Baptist in Elizabethtown, NC. The church is a great church. One big happy family. The sweetest mothers, that just love their pastor! He Listens, advises, guides, Loves us all.

I love my Pastor, because he will help you in any way he can. God sent him. God made this man just for us.

Thank You 3/10/09

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