Pastor & Chaplains Bobby & Patsy Mecado

by Ernest Avila
(Huntington Beach, Ca)

I want to thank Chaplain & Pastors Bobby and Patsy Mecado for their service to those behind Prison Walls and the motivation and encouragement that they both give to those men and women. They have also worked in Mcclaren Hall in El Monte and were able to Minister to the hearts of those young kids and be an example to them. I have not been in Prison but have spent time in the County Jail which is not a lot of time spent but I have worked very closely going to the County Jails and Prisons with them and the team of men and women who have been dedicated to serving those behind the walls. They have been very instrumental in many lives and have touched many hearts but the Power of Jesus and God has used them in many ways.

Thank you so much for serving the Master.

Ernie Avila/ Frances Avila

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