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Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell, Sr.

by Brandon J. Smithson
(Nashville, Tennessee)

Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell, Sr. (Dad), First Lady Lakisha Mitchell (Ma), and I on Resurrection Sunday 2010 after my public affirmation of my Call to Preach at Greater Grace Temple Community Church

Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell, Sr. (Dad), First Lady Lakisha Mitchell (Ma), and I on Resurrection Sunday 2010 after my public affirmation of my Call to Preach at Greater Grace Temple Community Church

Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell, Sr. is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Greater Grace Temple Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee (est. Sunday, April 27th, 1997). Since I was born, he has been very visible and instrumental in my development as a young man.

He is a man of integrity, relevance, and empowerment. His ability to provide a competent and sustainable approach to preaching with direct biblical authority every week is awe-inspiring and convicting in areas that I could do better. Pastor Mitchell has sown so much into me, and I am forever grateful for his influence.

On Friday, March 26th, 2010, the date I was baptized 7 years ago, I humbly & privately accepted my Call to Preach the Word of God & publically affirmed it on Resurrection Sunday: April 04th, 2010 at Greater Grace Temple Community Church under the leadership and prayers of Pastor Mitchell. I am excited and delighted to learn and shadow under a shepherd that genuinely and boldy is in love with Christ and His Church. He is a scholar in his own right, and seeks to proclaim the Gospel with as much accuracy as possible through expository preaching.

He is married to the beautiful and humble, Lakisha Mitchell and is the father of Breonus M. Mitchell, Jr. Pastor unconditionally loves his family and has been more than a Pastor to me. He has been a father to me, & Lakisha a mother. I love and appreciate them so much and as they continue to push and support me, I pray blessings and promotion in their ministries.

To the best Pastor in the world, Dad: you are loved, you are valued, and you deserve the best!!!

Your son and mentee,

Brandon J. Smithson, Nashville, Tennessee
- Proud and Faithful Kingdom Builder at Greater Grace Temple Community Church

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last Sunday of the year
by: Anonymous

Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell,Sr is an anointed man of God Man! I don't think I've heard a preacher like this before. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you more. I and my wife and pastor was extremely touched by his sermon, and God's anointing upon him. I am so blessed that God interrupted my plans, in order for his to be demonstrated. Angels are with you sir and I also lost a wife and God saw fit to give me another wife along with his precious Favor. Love you brother, see you again soon.

by: Minister Anthony Smith, Sr.

Last year your morning classes at Ridgecrest were awesomely informational. The word of God comes across in a way that anyone listening will be able to fully understand and apply each lesson to our lives. It is my prayer that God will bless you and your family in abundance.

Anthony Smith, Sr.
FABC/ New Orleans

by: Jovan Major

I am new to the area from the Bahamas and was church hopping. I met this hair dresser by the name of Jacquez to whom I expressed my desire to find a church home. Needless to say I'm now at home. I love the service, the atmosphere is inviting. I'm convicted, taught the word of God, able to worship in his presence and carry home the word in my heart.

Recommended in the highest.

Awesome Man of GOD
by: Lawana Walker

I was privileged to hear Pastor Mitchell when he visited the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont Texas, he had a word from the LORD, that was soul reaching and I was and still am blessed to have heard the word. To the Church of Greater Grace you are blessed to have your pastor and thank you for sharing him with us.

That Great Man
by: JoeSiyah Henry

Im from Saint Louis, Mo where I am a member of Holy Ghost Temple "The Temple" where the Pastor is my Grandfather Bishop John D. Brame. I moved to Nashville, Tn in 2005 for college at TSU (Tennessee State University) I was looking for a church to be apart of that reminded me of home like all the college freshman that attends church, I was told by a friend to attend church with him, I went and my mouth dropped I love GG I love The Pastor he reminds me of my Grandfather when he was younger. I love the way that Pastor Mitchell Preach, Teach, and Interact with the Church I have not joined GG yet but Im asking God for direction but I find my self attending GG EVERY sunday.. I will tell ANY and EVERYONE to stp by one sunday morning YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THE SAME!!!! God Bless you Pastor Love you man... and if you ever need me holla at me lol

In agreeement
by: Eric R. Tarver

I was blessed to meet Pastor Mitchell last week when he came to Corpus Christi, Texas for revival. He is the epitome of a great brother and a dear friend!!

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