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Pastor Bishop Ray C. Lewis

by Marilyn Silas White
(Jasper, TX, USA)

My Pastor is an awesome man of God. I say it because it is so. He has been a man of God, Pastoring for 29 years now, since he was a very young man, so He is truly well versed in the word of God. He is a seasoned man of God. He works hard, is passionate about the people, he does soooo much for our small community, young and old. I have known of him, met him for the first time 30+ yrs ago when he was just starting out, in the same church that he has now been pastor for 29 yrs. He is passionate about God, he cares, he preaches and teaches fiercely... how much can we say about him...unlimited! I am so grateful to God: thank you Jesus for blessing me with my pastor, and can't leave out the wonderful first lady, by his side, they are an awesome team. I admire her for her hard work and dedication; they are a great match; what a match/union God put together. Praise God! Soo proud to call him my Pastor, and so proud of our pastor's wife and 1st lady. Giving God the Glory!

Marilyn Silas White

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