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Pastor Appreciation Card

The best pastor appreciation card is a personal one. Pastors appreciate the thought behind every greeting card you send. But greeting cards that put a little of yourself into them are most meaningful.

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I still remember a greeting card given to my wife and me nearly 20 years ago. I don’t remember the exact words, but I remember vividly how the greeting card made us feel. We were so encouraged and felt so loved by this person’s simple note.

There’s nothing wrong with signing your name to a Hallmark greeting card and mailing it out. But a personal note inside makes it much more memorable.

I hope the following thoughts and ideas help you create a personal and unique pastor appreciation greeting card.

  • First, at the risk of offending you, I’d like to discourage a common practice. Email forwards are not personal or unique and don’t make very good expressions of pastor appreciation. Pastor’s email inboxes are often flooded with email forwards from many well-intentioned people. At times there are so many that pastors have to delete them without reading them. Many are cute. Some are funny. Others seem profound. But they are a poor substitute for a thoughtful card.
  • Start with a greeting card that says, "Thank You," or, "I Appreciate You." Then write a personal note that tells your pastor what you appreciate. 

Send words of gratitude to your pastor with an inspirational card from Christian Inspirations. Each card features beautiful serene artwork inside and out, a sincere sentiment and KJV scripture. 12 cards, 4 each of 3 designs; includes envelopes; approximately 5" x 7".

  • Christian Ecards can be both personal and unique. Don’t depend on the message on the card itself to create a good note, though. It is your personal note that carries the most weight.
  • Be specific as you write your note in the card. If you say you are praying for your pastor, tell him your specific requests. If you like his preaching, give an example of how a recent sermon impacted your life. If you are thankful for his leadership, write about a time when you saw his leadership in action. When you write about specific things in your pastor appreciation card you make it personal and memorable.
  • Create your own pastor appreciation card. Nothing is as personal and memorable as a greeting card that you make yourself. You could even make it a family project.
  • Don’t wait until you buy a clergy appreciation card at a store before you send your thoughts. Notepaper with a personal greeting can be as effective as a card.
  • Your local Christian bookstore probably has a selection of greeting cards for pastors. However, you can also shop Christian greeting cards from DaySpring Cards.
  • Christian Greeting Cards from DaySpring

    Pastor appreciation cards are an effective and relatively simple way of showing your pastor appreciation. The best card is personal and unique … a card that puts a little of yourself into it.

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