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Pastor Angelo Austria

by Abbie
(Reno Nevada)

My Pastor, My Mentor

My Pastor, My Mentor

He's great. He's Awesome. He's Magnificent. A one of a kind Pastor.

He is not only my pastor he's also a friend and a mentor. He accepted me and helped me despite of who I was and what I am. His ears are always open and ready to listen and to give advice. He helped me a lot to become what I am now.

I am blessed and thank God for having a Pastor like him and his wife. They are wonderful and marvelous servants of God. I appreciate them every single day because of their goodness and love for me.

God knows their hearts and He knows how much I appreciate them for being part of my life. I love my Pastor and his family, they are truly blessings in my life. They're always there for me to encourage, to love and support.

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by: Lori simonsen

I went to church my whole life But I never felt close to God Until I met Pastor of vertical church And Not only do I feel closer to God pastor gave me a church family I'm so blessed to have found Him...

Great dad
by: Children

N-He is an awesome dad and he is doing a good job at being a pastor and a father

F-I think dad is a great pastor and he is a great dad.I love him he is the best.
Thx Dad.

C-He is a good dad and pastor.You can learn alot of good stuff.

A great uncle!
by: Ashlee Ablang

My uncle is like the greatest, he is kind, forgiving, fun, and a great uncle to be with! At church it's always fun to be there. He is an awesome pastor, he's a great singer too, etc. I love you uncle!^^ buhbai

Pastor, Friend, Mentor
by: Dan Sherman

The mark of a true pastor is the impact he has on people's lives. It's obvious from your tribute that your life has been deeply impacted by Pastor Austria. Your life is the proof that God has gifted your pastor for ministry.

Thanks too for the picture!

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