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Pastor Amos Handsom Jr.

by Johnnie Louise Coppock
(Twin City, Ga.)

My Pastor is a man after God's own heart. He a man that I believe God chose for such a time like this. My Pastor teaches and preaches his flock the word of Jesus. He lives by the word to the best of his ability. I don't praise my Pastor but I do praise the God that I see in him. My Pastor knows that God picked him out to be picked on....understand there was a reason God chose Pastor Amos Handsom Jr, he knew that he could trust him with his anoiting and his word.

My Pastor is a man of character, a man that fears and reverences his creator,Jesus Christ. My Pastor is a Pastor that will not compromise with wrong doing. He will tell you exactly what thus says the Lord. He is a man of great Faith. He is a father to many. He loves God's people and he loves God. Before my Pastor was formed in his mother's womb God knew him.

I thank God for my Pastor.

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