by Dorothy
(Biloxi, MS / Gautier, MS)

I have been under his ministry for 14 years.

He is a true servant of God.
He never asks anyone to do anything that he would not do himself.
He leads by example.
He is an EXCELLENT teacher!
He is a BOLD Word preacher!
He goes above and beyond.

He accepts people just the way they are
and never looks at them any different.
He encourages us to use the gifts that God has blessed us with.
He teaches us to offer our best to God and nothing less.
He gives us the Word with no additions or subtractions.
He ENCOURAGES us to study the Word for ourselves.

He never likes attention to be focused on him.
He is quick to remind us that it is not about him, but it's about the Kingdom.
He ALWAYS points us back to God.

He has been a father, counselor, friend, and pastor to us and much, much more.

I am blessed to have him as my pastor.

Pastor A.A. Jackson, you are a JEWEL. You are a gift from God.
Every time that I think of you, I give thanks to God (Philippians 1:3).


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