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Need understanding of what exactly I was purchasing

by Robin
(Nashville, TN)

How many pages are in this book I bought? After reading somewhere that it is 50 pages, I looked and only have 37 and a few of them are the intro pages. A lot of the cool information wasn't even in the book that I purchased, but actually on this website. So, did I get all the book?
Please respond.

ANSWER: Robin, in order to help you I will need a little more information. Please use the "Contact Me" page and let me know what you purchased and what you thought you were getting.

It sounds like you received the wrong book. The Pastor's Secrets book is a 50 page ebook - which, yes includes a few pages like the table of contents and the cover.

You may have been trying to download The Pastor Appreciation Workbook discussed here: The workbook contains a bulletin cover, skit, sermon, ideas, children's activity sheet, planning guide, etc. The Pastor's Secrets ebook is designed to give readers insight into the mind, heart, and life of your pastor.

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