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My Dad says:

by Kathleen Fike
(Whitehall MT USA)

Sunday mornings I had the 4-6 year old's class at Fairbanks the Church of Christ in Alaska.

It was a winter Sunday and the roads and driveways were a mess. Very hard to get in and out of as well as drive in.

Most of my little sweeties were late that morning and as they arrived they were excited to tell everyone how they had got there; and BOY did they have tales to tell.

Beau started right in and with a voice that was so proud and masculine says, "my dad said if we didn't have his Ford we would never have gotten here! Dad says Fords are the best!

So NOW it begins.

Freddy says agitated, "Oh No, No, I think he is wrong, we have a Dodge and my Dad said that Dodges are very much stronger and tougher than Fords; today we had to go up a Mountain to get here and never got stuck!

The tales they told were enjoyable and the children had fun in telling all about their vehicle's and how they came out of some tough situations.

After many stories of who's truck or car was the best.....

Surprisingly my shy little Katie girl says...and pretty boldly I might add; "Well, My DADDY just loves his Bourbon."

The children stated they never heard of a Bourbon. I had to laugh inside myself, I knew what she meant and I was thankful they didn't know what a Bourbon was. LOL

After that, we had studied about possessions and how we are all different and we like different things: such as cars and trucks.

NOTE: the names in this story have been changed!

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