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Long Winded Preacher

by Prentis
(Senatobia, MS USA)

Our church had a guest speaker this past month he was a young man in his late 20's full of fire for the Lord. When the service was turned over to him he took off preaching and preaching he went on and on for over an hour or more. Then he said to the people I am just getting started yall'...

Well I knew I had to part ways because I needed to go and the rest room was calling me in a powerful way. But when I reached the restrooms they were out of order so I jumped into my truck and drove down the street to the gas station.

Upon returning the young man was still going at it finally after about thirty minutes or so he brought it to a close.

When we were all leaving the church he was right there shaking everybody's hand asking them how they liked him, when it came my turn he said there you are, you got up and left right in the middle of my service "WHY" not wanting to tell him the real reason I said I went to get a hair cut. He leaned back and yelled out, "a hair cut Jesus man he cried why didn't you get one before you came in here?" I told him, "I didn't need one when I came in here!"

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