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Lawrence S.Dorsey.Sr

by Judy
(Los Angeles, California)

We the memebers of the Berean Seventh-day Adventist in Los Angeles, CA.

Would like to let you pastor how awsome a person you are! We have learned how much Jesus love's and cares for us; through your sermons on Sabbath. We like to pay a tribute to you and your family; on this day April 16, 2010

Pastors work long and tiring hours, little sleep they recieve, but they go on and on preaching and teaching the word of God; Pastor I watched you struggle with all the unkind remarks, from some of our memebers, who will never be appreciative of anything that they can not control, but instead you hurling negative remarks back, you showed that you could be kind even when people say nasty things to you. This is why we want to express our support and love to our pastor Lawrence S. Dorsey Senior. for all you've given us through the word of God, and you've shown us how be a family in God's house!

Memebers of your flock
We Love you

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