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L L Hosley Sr.

by Donna
(Portland, Oregon)

It has been a little while since I spoke on this great man of God. I would need a book to write down everything about this man. I will only give you tidbits. First, he gives you the word of God clear and truly understandable. His spirit that he shares with you is love, God's love. My life has been changed through this man.

He is a man in the godly music business also and every opportunity he gets, he brings some one off the gospel charts in to sing or give Portland a Word from God. I am so pleased that he is a watchman of my soul.

I can not just speak on Pastor Hosley without mentioning his beautiful wife. I so look forward when she graces me with a hug. She has a soft tone that teaches you how to be a great woman of God like her.

In addition, people often say pastor's kids are bad. Well let me be the first to say, that curse is broken with the Hosley boys. They stand willingly by their parents in the ministry sharing their gifts from God with all.

So I must say come see for yourselves. Visit us at

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