John Pauls

by Connie Gallion
(Colorado Springs CO)

John (and Cheri) Pauls ABC Church CoSpgs CO

John (and Cheri) Pauls ABC Church CoSpgs CO

My Pastor is truly a gift from God. He is a blessing to our Church and community.

Pastor John has a heart for new believers. It is obvious he loves the Lord and he shares that passion at every celebration! He is eager to share the Word with the world. He is a kind and patient father, a good shepherd, an intelligent man/effective teacher and he has a fun sense of humor! Did I mention he has a heart for new believers? :)

Pastor John, Keep up the Good work, your reward is in Heaven and you know our God is smiling on you already because you have Cheri! (What a fun and sweet spirit she has! She too is a blessing for our Church to enjoy!)

You are loved!

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