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Jimmy Price

by Jana
(Converse, LA., USA)

Let me begin by saying that he loves people! He is always there when you need him, giving support, prayer, guidance, love and a big shoulder to lean on.

He and his wife both have a wonderful glow about them. They radiate God's light and spread it around... Not only to their congregation but to everyone.

When you enter the doors of our church, you feel something special. When someone has a need, he jumps right in and tries to get it taken care of.

We added on to our church by adding a Fellowship Hall and a new Sunday School building. He was there working, getting dirty and sweaty everyday until they were finished. He gets down to the children's level and lets them know that God truly loves them and that he loves them too. They run to him with Big hugs and he greets them all with the same big hug.

He and his wife are so special and we are very blessed to have them.

When we say something good about him Brother Jimmy always tells us, "It's not me but the Lord in me." ....But he has to have a willing heart....and what a wonderful, Big 'ol heart it is.

Thank you Bro. Jimmy for all that you have done and continue to do. We Love You!!!

Comments for Jimmy Price

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by: Seryna

Bro.Jimmy is the best pastor ever. Mrs.Janna said it all he is loving he makes sure the childern understand that God loves them and that he does to. At Noble First Baptist Church when you walk in you will see a man standing in the front setting his equipment smiling because he loves what he does and all the people in that church every time another person walks through the doors his smile grows bigger and bigger. He loves God and everyone else in the world. That is who Bro.Jimmy is: a loving, caring, wonderful man that loves what he does.

He and Mrs. Ann are the best!!!!
by: Julia***

Brother Jimmy is the best pastor ever. He not only preaches but also communicates. His preaching is invinsible. He and the other leaders are teaching me and all of my friends to always follow God's path. Because of him the youth group is never bored on Sunday morning. I am so blessed and proud to call him my pastor. Mrs. Ann also means more to me then anyone can imagine. They are a power couple and thanks to both of them I can say I am a SAVED CHRISTIAN! Without them I'd be completely lost in a world of shameless sin.

by: Shandi

Bro. Jimmy and Mrs. Ann are 2 wonderful people that are a blessing to us. We love them very much.
Besides being a pastor, he is a recording artist and has written some beautiful songs. We love it when he sings.
I thank them for all of their love that they show to everyone!!

Bro. Jimmy & Noble Baptist Church
by: Pat

Jana has certainly expressed what we all feel about Bro. Jimmy and Mrs. Ann. I don't think there is anything more I could add. I am blessed to have found Noble Baptist Church to be a part of. I love my pastor, his family and the church family. We are all blessed!!

More than a Preacher
by: Dan Sherman

Pastoring is so much more than preaching from a pulpit. It is humble service - getting dirty, getting on the kid's level, etc. It sounds like Pastor Jimmy is a real man of God and a man of the people.

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