I'm On Fire

by Brett Campbell
(Zwolle, LA, USA)

As one of two pastor sons of a pastor, we have a lot of stories between us (4 other pastors in the family, too)!

I remember one Sunday when I was about 12 years old. A pretty bouquet of artificial flowers and unlit tapered candles sat on the Communion table before the podium. Just before the service, one lady decided the candles would look better lit--so she lit them.

All was fine until about 30 minutes later when my dad began preaching. He started with a joke, but no one was listening because the artificial arrangement had begun to smoke, then burst into flames! Though people were gasping and wondering what to do, dad kept right on going.
One of the deacons walked to the Communion table, calmly picked up the burning arrangement, and carried it out a side door. By that time, everyone was laughing.

Dad later said he never noticed anything odd happening, and had assumed all the laughter was for the joke no one heard!

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