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I'm a Pastor's Daughter

by Sarah
(Guyana )

I'm a pastor's daughter and I find myself feeling depressed a lot since everyone sets unreal expectations for me and I am constantly bombarded by members of my church for minor stuff. For example, some people think my outfit is inappropriate. I get really annoyed and often feel like just "chucking it" and leaving everything. Could you give me some advice on how to deal with these situations.... Thank You !

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by: Anonymous

I am a Pastor's kid too. Just imagine your life without Jesus and without Church.. Could you live this way?
All people are sinners. Not depends who are you: Pastor's kids or somebody else.
I think that is a privilege to be a pastor's kid and at the same time it helps you to live by righteousness and to be innocent

Double douch
by: Tebogo J.

hi sarah
Your mind skips between WHO YOU ARE and the STATUS QUO(peoples' expectation). Am not a pastor's kid but i empathize. Have u lately looked into THE WORD to find out what God says about you and His expectations are for you? There's security in Jesus'love. He said, 'come to me you that labour(try hard to achieve) and are heavy-laden(depressed) and I will give u REST. Take my yoke upon you and LEARN of Me for I am meek and lowly in heart you will find REST for your soul. My yoke is easy and my burden is light'.
Deal with who you are at the core of your being and you'll by God's grace handle people's expectation even in dressing. Be simply modest, cover your body well and preserve the inward beauty(character). Remember to look to Christ the author and finisher of your faith.
Now let me see that smile(lol). Cheers!!!

Pastor's Daughter
by: Alison

I am a pastor's daughter too. Just talk with your dad about it and pray for the people that say that to you. Have friends at Church it also helps.

Don't Do this On Your Own
by: My Pastor Editor

My heart breaks for you when I hear what you are going through. There are no perfect solutions, but let me offer a couple ideas.

1) Talk to your parents. Tell them what is going on. They may be able to give you some help.

2) Pray for each person who is criticizing you. Pray that God would help you see them through His eyes.

3) Develop a few basic responses to people's comments. You might say something like, "I'm sorry this offends you. It wasn't my intention to be offensive." Or, if someone continues to make critical comments you could say, "I'm sorry that I offended you. I'll talk to my parents about what you've said and seek their advice on this."

4) In everything, respond with grace and humility. That, more than anything else, will silence many of your critics.

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