Gregory & Jackie Pope

by Denise Sinquefield
(Douglas, Ga.)

My pastors have made the greatest impact in my life because they exemplify the love of Jesus. They always support and encourage us with every word they speak. Their actions speak as loud as their words! They have been married for 35+ years yet act as smitten as the day they met. They lead by great example of what true love for another is as well as having a blessed and annointed marriage.

They are always available to give their time and devotion to anything needed. They go above and beyond to offer new and additional programs and events in our church to keep people fired up as well as welcome new people in.

I have truly been blessed to become a part of the church they lead and have them as my spiritual counselors. Such a breath of fresh air to be in their company and share their love for our Heavenly Father. To Gregory and Jackie ~ thank you for all you have done and continue to do. We love you!

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