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Greg Morrison

My pastor came to our church 11 years ago. I was only 16 at the time. At that time I was going through my rebelious teenage years. I was not very obedient at that time and if I could I would go back and change it all. I am sorry to him for this. When they came to our church they were unable to have children. My parents were still married at that time but 3 years later divorced. I never had a close relationship to my father because of addiction issues he had and which caused him to be awful to my mother. Me being the oldest child I seen alot some that nobody even realized. I had always tried to forgiven my dad but he always went back to his old ways and still 8 years later he still has not changed. Through everything my Pastor took me under his wing and cared for me. He gave me fatherly advice but first the word of God. Over the years I have watched our relationship grow. We have been through a marriage, 3 births of my children, a death and a storm that we never wanted to go through with grandma. Yes we have always been close but over the last 3 years he has become my God Given daddy. God knew that I longed for a good father figure and the love of a father. He knew Pastor and Sis.Pam longed for a daughter. So know our lives are complete. They have their little girl and I have the best daddy anyone girl could ever ask for. Thank you for being the best Pastor and God Given Daddy ever!!!!

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