Gladys Inman

by Gina Bellamy
(Cottondale, FL , USA)

Pastor Inman, you are truly a gift from God. When he called you he instructed you to feed his sheep and you do an awesome job feeding us the word of God. What I love about you is that you wait to hear from God, You are the first partaker of his word then you feed it to us the flock. You are such a faithful servant, always ready to serve in any capacity you can, you are a humble woman but also bold, you are wise, always seeing the good in people. Always trying to pull that goodness out of us. Loving us but also chasten us when we need it. Not just preaching the word but walking it out. A praying woman and one that seeks the face of God. You are our pastor and I love you, thank God for you, and pray God's blessing upon you.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings about my pastor.

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