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gift idea??

we have a unique situation, our pastor is leaving but not under the best circumstances. it was decided 8 months ago that a change was necessary and we were able to work with the pastor and synod to allow her to continue working for up to 8 months, while she looked for new employment. At the end of 8 months, she is done. she has been fine during this time with no further added issues. Her last Sunday is in a couple weeks and we are not having a big deal but will have a thank-you at the service. we want to present her with a small gift. any thoughts on what may be a meaningful gift idea?

ANSWER: You might want to think about gift cards. Cards to her favorite restaurant. If she is a gardener, a gift card to a nursery. If she is leaving town you might think about a generic gift card that can be used anywhere.

Anyone else have some ideas?

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