Full time pastor with a full time job

by Timothy

I am wondering how to make it work (if it can) where I am a Full time youth pastor at my church while maintaining a 40-45 hour a week job. I accepted a position at my church a while back that is unpaid only because I know I have a calling on my life and youth respond well to me and my lessons. Not to mention our youth group was in "a sinking ship" mentality under the leadership at the time. I enjoy pouring my life into theirs and watching them grow to become contributing members to society and to their church. But, I find it hard to maintain my 40-45 hour a week job outside of the church. It more or less feels like my outside job is what is burning me out instead of the ministry. I feel as if I can't ask for any financial compensation from the church because we just don't have any money available. They provided me a parsonage to live in but I have sunk 1000's of dollars into it to clean it up and make it livable. Therefore leaving me a debt to pay off over the next few years, making it so I can't quit my job or go to seminary, etc. Any advice is helpful.

ANSWER: You are in a very common situation. Many pastors are bi-vocational earning little or nothing from their churches. I would recommend a couple things. Ask the church if they would help pay the monthly payments on the improvements you made to the parsonage. Second, set a goal for when you will go to seminary. It may not be for a couple years. But if you have a goal, it might be easier to work the extra hours.

Anyone else have some ideas?

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