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Filimone Ma'u

by Voices Of Zion
(Waipahu, Hawaii, U.S.A)

Rev. Filimone Ma'u

Rev. Filimone Ma'u

Filimone Mau is the greatest pastor...

Our pastor is such a great doubt about it...he is so caring, loving, humble and many more. He is not only a pastor for our church but for our youth "Voices of Zion," he is also our chef, he can even decorate, sew, dance and so much more.

When we gather at his house to cook for an occasion, he becomes like one of us, where we can just kick it, talk stories and be open with him. He lets us call him "dad." We know that he'll give up fame and fortune for us and to serve his God... he is very understanding.

He is there for us day and night 24/7. When there is an action we can't seem to do right, he'll show us how, he is a great teacher, counselor, friend, brother, pastor, everything. Our youth went to New Zealand, one of the members couldn't get their ticket, so, he took the money for one of his son's ticket and payed for the member's ticket.

Yeah, he sounds like the average pastor, but only because you haven't met him. Believe me, you will think the same way everyone else who knows him thinks. We love our pastor so much.

Filimone pastors the Honolulu Tongan Assembly of God in Waipahu, Hawaii. He is a Remington College graduate. He is married with three boys. He was called here in 1994 from New Zealand, where he pastored a church.

One more thing I'd like to say about our pastor...he is very funny...he tells the lamest jokes...but even though it is so lame it is still crazy funny to us.

Comments for Filimone Ma'u

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by: Tonga

Thank you God the Father up above for this wonderful man. Filimone Ma'u a pastor, a freind, a buddy, a uncle, a man, to me a father. I know this man about 18 years now. I am 21 now,so approximently my whole life. This man.He is a mighty man of God....humble,kind,and loving. He gives up anything to satify our needs. He encourages us with the right words. he tells you when you're wrong. He treats you like his own. Dad thank you for being so loving. Thank you for always making time for us. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

by: Anina Ruth Uhatafe

This man is the far most greatiest man I've ever known in my life. This man is a wonderful guy also a father to me and to my brother's and sister's in the voice's of zion youth. I thank him for the advice and the concerns for me and my family and on behalf of the church in waipahu. We thank you for the things you have done for us. If you were elected for governor in Hawaii you would be the greatest governor working for God. But all and all this man is a father, cook, dancer, pastor, and loving man with a kind hearted soul also a good follower of God and yes he is a great man of God.But I thank God that he is my spirtual father. I thank you dad for all the love you have shown to me and my family.also thank you for your prayers. That's why I will never leave this church again. I love you dad.
Anina Ruth Uhatafe

Thank you
by: Anonymous

3a.m , I saw you coming to my house, saying I heard you are a decent woman, but I have not seen you in church.

Thank you, God still loves me so much, by reminding me that I am too busy need to go back to church. God bless.

Regards to wife and children.

one of the greatest man of God I know
by: Anonymous

He is a true and genuine leaders in the Lord Jesus' Church for these end times. His wife like a precious gem is also. He was my instructor in Bible College and I am still living and practicing some of the things he taught our class. May God make his face shine on Pastor Ma'u and the family always.

by: David J. Ware

Hi Filimone,

Remember fishing in the hurricane and little Elias coming down to tell us that the hill had collapsed onto the dorms?

Or outreaching in little we knew and how small our experience then but what a move of God!

Great to hear of your ministry being successful there in Hawaii. Ani and I are now in Australia with all our children. Our son is singing in Hillsong United. He will be in the States next month.

Isaiah 26:12

May Yahweh continue to bless and keep you and be Yireh to you and your family.

Your brother in Jesus,


Way to Go Youth Group
by: Dan Sherman

Thank you, Voices of Zion, for sharing your thoughts about your pastor. It is very encouraging to see young people show such deep pastor appreciation.

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