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Eric Sims

by Linda L.
(Shreveport, LA USA)

Pastor Sims is a pastor that loves - not because God is in his heart but because he is in the heart of God. His thoughts, actions and messages to the congregation always come from the heart of God. He is a young man that really is driven by his passion for God and his vision for God's vision. Pastor Sims works tirelessly in ministry and I have never seen him give any less prayer, time and energy to someone else's vision than he does to his own. Even though he is a pastor, he is an extraordinary servant and an even more exemplary as a worshipper. He consistently encourages us to become worshippers of God more than anything. He is exceptional in his expression of his love and honor towards God as shown in his unique worship-writer abilities(hint to Integrity Music). Just to name a few of the songs written by this worshipper: You Are God Alone; I'm Totally Yours; This Is My Worship; Eternally Supreme.

He is tireless in his pursuit of God's best in our lives and will engulf himself in books, classes, people, technology, etc. only for the sake of coaching us through life's lessons. He is concerned about the whole person and his lifestyle is one that can be mimicked in the church, at home or at work. He is a proud husband and father and goes to great lengths to protect his family sometimes praying over them all night long. Always instructing them in how to hear God; draw near to God; honor God; give God all! It is not uncommon for them to have livingroom worship settings indicating the truth of his lifestyle of worship. He is the top giver in our congregation when it comes to tithes and offerings and yet he has more children and less income than a good number of the parishioners.

He is especially special to me on a personal note because he coached me to a place in God where I was actually able to see that instead of retiring in the kingdom at age 55+, I can actually start fresh in the kingdom. It was life changing for me. And that's what Pastors do--change lives!

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9 Feet Tall
by: EHBolden

When I see our Pastor, he stands about 9 feet tall. Don't laugh because it's true. In all that he does and says, he does stand 9 feet tall and overpower most of what I have been taught in The Kingdom of God for the past 4 years out of the 18+ years I have been experiencing God. About four years ago, we (David, Elizabeth, and Isaiah) realized this is our fresh start and our new beginning, my husband and I connected with Pastor and First Lady. Our Pastors are true to the Faith that they disciple us not just preach to us. The Covenant that they have made to God to watch over our souls is displayed every time they minister to us, especially when what they instruct us to do is made evident in our home, school, and workplace. When our 8 year old represented something in school that Pastor had said concerning self-control, I wanted to weep out of pure "JOY". You see it has been because of our Pastors following God?s instructions and them hearing/listening from/to God that our son is not a statistic in the world?s definition of ADHD/ADD. We rejoice that our child remembers that he must pray to maintain self-control and be the over-comer that he is and for that we are grateful. You see, it's like this; our Pastors see in us what we can not see in ourselves and they PULL it out of us. I mean the whole-person of us, not ?churchy? stuff, but the ?real life? stuff. We Thank You Pastor Sims, Thank You First Lady Anita. We Love You.

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