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Emery B. Barber

by Sis. Alexander
(St. Paul's UMC)

Blessed is the man.....

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blessed am i 4 knowing
by: mark e.schoolfield

blessed am i 4 knowing this man.i proudly and lovingly call him friend and brother.4 over 20 yrs i have known him and his family.they count me among their own.even though time/life has separated us physically 4 far 2 long,my heart and spiritual love has never departed.
blessed am i 4 knowing that he is among the righteous.chosen.loved and protected by God's mighty hand.i need not fear 4 him in any way.i am confident in the fact that if we should never meet again in this life,due 2 my own procrastination or God's call home,that all shall be well w/us and we'll share a laugh somewhere/someday.
blessed am i 4 knowing emery and so r u.bask in your knowledge.

Proof of HIS work....
by: Madgie McRae

Just today, in giving passing thought to those that have touched my life, I remembered a person and a name, your pastor, Min. Emery B. Barber. When I knew him the many many years ago he was not called as such BUT is it not surprising (to me) to find this remarkable soul doing the work that he is.
How often do we search out an old friend but have no where to start? For this friend, it was not without hesitating that I did a Spiritual search and that I found this site and more. None of the others had pictures but I remembered the quiet calm of peace in your Pastor Barber's voice. I knew it was he and I felt a quiet awe and a wonderful sense of Grace. All that Pastor Barber has done and is doing...the Power of God's blessings is amazing. Wow, I may have known him then...but I am so in awe of knowing all that GOD has went on and touched through your Pastor Emery B. Barber now.
I can and will say that I believe the LORD was at work in YOUR Pastor's (bless you to for sharing) heart all those years ago. It was quietly there to see and I have received in these finding a sense of lumination that when GOD may at times shine his light dimly, it is still enough to see and rejoice in before it fully flares to life. I will take this as a lesson.
I may not have kept in contact but always, in the back of my mind was the knowing that whatever Emery Barber was doing and whoever Emery Barber touched that good work was going to be going on. As far as I can tell, GOD'S GREAT WORK is going on through Pastor Emery B. Barber. May Blessings be all your journeys...

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