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Drs. Israel and Barbara Blake

True Examples of What God's Love Is

True Examples of What God's Love Is

To my bishop and overseer whom I choose to call Daddy and Moma Blake. You have truly been a blessing to me,my children,and my mom's life.

There are not enough words that can express how much you have planted,given,and sown into my life with your acts of kindness,time,and words of comfort and prayers.

You are truly a living example of what God 's LOVE is and I would like to dedicate this poem to my Bishop and Overseers Drs. Israel & Barbara Blake in celebrating 32 years of service in the ministry.

They're like a fresh and lovely rose
That angels planted, then God chose.

He gave them soft and gentle ways
To help us through our trying days.

They walks with us through pain and loss
And lives the meaning of the cross.

They always thinks of others first
And loves us when we're at our worst.

They has such a kind and gentle ways
And builds us up with words of praise.

Their tears and prayers and long hours spent
Have helped so many to repent.

A confidant with whom to share,
A partner when it comes to prayer,
Two blessings in a Christian's life
Are pastor and his faithful wife.

I just want to let the world know how much I appreciate and honor two loving and caring pastors who truly not only speak but LIVE by what they teach and preach.

Again I say I love you "Daddy & Moma Blake" and I pray that God will allow you to see many more anniversaries.

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