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Dressing Modestly

by Laura Walker

We had only been at the church a year when this happened to me. This is an Independent Baptist Church. I always wear long dresses and on this one Sunday morning I forgot to wear a slip. Oh and we always sat in the 3rd row from the front.

Well sometime during the service I noticed my dress felt funny but I didn't think nothing about it. When I got home I realized my dress had split right up the middle in the back all the way up to my rear. I was so embarassed and did not want to return back to church. EVER! My husband kept trying to tell me that no one probably noticed since no one said anythng to me about it.

Well, I returned to church that following Sunday and the Pastor preached on how women should dress modestly and not wear things that show their bottom or their tops. I looked over at my husband and replied "Do you think no one noticed last week?"

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