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Dr. Shirley R. Brown

by Lissa
(Raleigh NC)

My Pastor

She is the Pastor of
Destiny International Ministries
She is a mighty woman of God
She never ask anyone to do anything that she wouldn't do herself
She leads by example
She is BOLD.
She prays and God answers
She goes above and beyond
She accepts people just the way they are
and never looks at them any different
She has a genuine love for people
She encourages you to use the gifts that God has blessed you with.
She teaches you to offer your best to God and nothing less.
She gives you the word with no addition or subtraction.
She encourages you to study the word for yourself
She never likes attention to be focused on her
She is quick to remind you that it is not about her but, it's about Kingdom.
She ALWAYS points you back to God.
She has been a mom, counselor, friend and Pastor to me and much much more to others
I am blessed to have her as my Pastor
You are a JEWEL. You are a gift from God
Every time I think of you, I give thanks to God (Philippians 1:3)
I Love You
Dr. Shirley R. Brown

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