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Dr. L. Bernard Jakes

by Deacon Kevin Brockenbrough
(West Point Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL)

God made this world, this universe and all that lives within it. And in Pastor Jakes, God made a man worthy of trumpeting the Word of God. God is Love, and you'd be hard pressed to find a man with a bigger heart than Pastor Jakes. His willingness to serve food to those who were living in the project housing behind our church touched me but his energy in finding new housing for the families living in them (when the city was preparing to tear those projects down), impressed me to the core. His work in preventing abuse - child, spouse, elderly - is inspiring. But his sermon using the movie "Precious" was an experience (not just a sermon, an experience) because you didn't just hear it - you FELT it. It was raw and earthy and tear-stained, and you could hear God's voice in it. I could see God looking down from Heaven during that sermon and saying "That's my boy. Tell it!!"

Many preachers use the pulpit as a grandstand but don't put action to their faith. They're just a bunch of noise you'll see waving a welcome sign outside the gate to hell.

But Jakes is like David: a servant God loves because he doesn't pretend to be perfect and puts every atom of his essence into praising God.

A great singer, a loving husband, and a passionate father who can break down seminary-level theology and hard knock street life to "neighbors of all flavors" (all colors, all incomes, all people).

Every church may think they have a great pastor and God Bless them if they do, but I don't have to think - I know. "Because I tried him for myself..."

Pastor Jakes, you are a blessing and I can't wait to see what comes next as you bring your vision to reality and to God's glory.

- Deacon Kevin Brockenbrough

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Happy anniversary
by: Annie Russell

To my pastor, Dr. L. Bernard Jakes. Happy 14th year anniversary as pastor/teacher at the faith family of West Point Baptist Church. Thank you for your passionate teachings and preaching over the last 14+ years. You have been a blessing to my family for this entire time. We love and appreciate you. Your prophetic teachings provides guidance for every day living as we work our own soul salvation. Thank you for loving us as we love you.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

The Giles/Russell family

thank you
by: Bill

Thank you for being such a good friend and servant of the one and true Lord of all that is.
My mother talks about you all the time her name is...Nita Marchant. Omnamashavia...since I live in Colorado It is a joy to know my Mother has such a good friend and the icing on the cake is he is her Pastor!...allways praise him my friend, give him the glory and stay humble that is your strength and power.

Be well stay strong

Bill (the oldest of her children)

Peace be with you

by: Esther MM Barnett

Dear Rev. Jakes:


a special child of God. You will continue to be graced with his love and guidance.

My family and friends were so happy they came yesterday to the "Family and Friends Day" at West Point Missionary Baptist Church. I learn important subject matter each time you teach the spiritual meanings of our religious faith.

My Brother
by: LaChrisia Jakes

I love my brother more than words or expressions could ever show, sometimes, I just wish that something that he has gone through I could just take all the heat for it but he has a work for the Lord that he must do.

I thank him more so for being my Pastor and always encouraging me that everything is going to be ok.

I love you Pastor L. Bernard Jakes

I Appreciate My Pastor LBJ
by: Anonymous

There are several reason why I appreciate my pastor and the passion he has for the success of the youth is one of them. Often times pastors focus on the adult members because they are the ones giving offerings and things of that sort, neglecting the youth. My pastor is the hugest supporter of the youth and my church and community and is constantly looking for ways to keep them involved and pour into their lives. It is no surprise that he is an excellent father to his children, and the fact they are straight A students speaks volumes for his commitment to their education.

I Appreciate My Pastor
by: Peggy Dunbar

I appreciate, respect, praise and love Pastor Jakes. He's a Pastor, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin. He also finds time for the community. In 2009, Pastor Jakes was nominated and received the Tom Joyner's Biggest Giver Award.

My Pastor is dedicated to the ministry of West Point M.B.C. and its family of faith. He consistently challenges us to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. This year's theme is: Demonstrating God's Grace to Me by Showing Grace to Others! He teaches and preaches Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus! He's in love with a man named Jesus.

We don't always tell those we love how much they're appreciated. Well Pastor Jakes, I love and appreciate everything that you do!!!!!

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