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Dr. Kerwin B. Lee

by Angela
(Atlanta, GA)

Pastor Lee is by far the most heaven sent Leader of these trying times. Pastor Lee is the founding Pastor of Berean Christian Church with 2 locations. Pastor Lee is a true man of God, who loves the Lord, his beautiful bride Yolanda T. Lee and his church family - the Berean cousins. Pastor Lee diligently studies and teaches the word of God with his own unique twist. He helps us to understand the word of God and relate and apply it to our everyday life and encourages us to work daily to be a Christian that reaches to please God in our daily walk.

He is the most down to earth Pastor that I have ever met. He is so personable and people friendly. He is sociable and welcoming. No matter how large our church grows, he always creates a close and personal environment. He always says that we should meet people where they are. But he loves the Lord and the people too much to leave us where we are.

There is no way you can be a participating member of Berean and not grow and be better than you were before you got to Berean, unless you just refuse to try. Oh, did I forget to say that he has a sense of humor that he brings with him in the pulpit, which adds to his ministry, because it's easy to see that he is genuine and truly keeps it real. Thank you so very much Pastor Lee for obeying your true calling and thereby blessing the Christian community locally and abroad.

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Watch, Walk, Wait
by: James

Dr. Lee,

I watched a video of you speaking on Kayne's service at the Forum.

I wept most of the way through the songs.

Your talk came of some relief!

I have made plenty of bad decisions in my life. I'll try to make three good ones every day.

God bless you

Much love


He is not only apastor but afather of all nations
by: Anonymous

Surely pastor Lee is an annointed man of God, called by God to meet God's desire. He is so welcoming, humble,loving,caring,talented,gifted to mention but afew. Evidence: in Uganda he is selling like ahot cake because of the fatherly teaching he gave to Ugandan pastors at Good Shepherd Church, when he came. He has broken most of the records of the overseas pastors who have ever come to Uganda.

Really to show that his teachings are so important and mind building, last year when he missed coming most pastors broke into tears implying that he is a good father.

God bless Berean ministry. I love pastor Lee

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