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by Juliet Mayanja
(London UK)

Our pastor Dr. Josephine Kyambadde senior Pastor of Latter Rain Ministries International in Edmonton London UK is such a great pastor no doubt about it she is so kind, caring, loving, humble and many more. She is not only a pastor for our church but for the world she goes to the villages to reach the disadvantaged may the Lord bless you.

Her passion for God challenges me she has faith to do exploits she has taught us to live balanced lives, this messages has changed lives, marriages that were at the brink of breaking have been restored after preaching that message, she is my role model. She has gone through thick and thin but stood and served God I salute you woman of God, keep the fire burning.

I sleep like a baby as I listen to the messages on your radio on line at, ma'am well done eternity will celebrate you. May the Lord preserve your life, you are a gem and a special treasure of our generation.


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To a great spiritual mother who has sacrificed her life to reach us the disadvantaged in Masaka Uganda, who can find a virtues woman? It is Dr. Josephine Kyamabdde, your the Deborah of our generation, ma'am am so grateful that God brought you in my life, I have never reminded the same, you have taught me to be a Balanced woman, to give to the poor, Kingdom manners, to mention but a few. You are a woman of integrity, caring, loving, humble and faithful, thank you for being there for us and my orphans.

Your love for God challenges me, how you worship God is astounding, every day I have to visit your face book I get glued on your page of worship and the album you dedicated to the Lord it is beyond words, how you pour out your heart to the Lord in worship causes me to feel the presence of the Lord may the Lord honour and bless you so very much.

Hummmm!! When it comes to sharing the word of God Dr. Jo is dynamic, the way you divided the word shows the time you spend in the presence of the Lord, always teaching new revelations wow!!! Glory to God for your life ma. I love your Radio Renaissance FM on line at, multimedia then audio. The word is sound and deep thank you ma. Love you so very much. Your daughter Joy Nakibule.


May the Lord bless you great woman of God, very understanding, hard working yet has time to worship her God, she cooks for us all at home, a wonderful mother both in the church and at home, congratulations upon your concluded Balanced woman's conference, I love you my Pastor, mentor, wife and friend.

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