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My pastor, Dr. Gloria Williams is a prime example of a great Woman of God. She is a woman of wisdom, she is anointed, a virtuous woman, an excellent teacher. She brings the word of God with conviction and the fire shut up in her bones exudes from each and every pore. There may be good pastors but Dr.G is set apart from the rest. I am blessed to be a part of JPMCI under the leadership of Dr. Gloria Williams.


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An Awesome Woman of God
by: Anonymous

Dr G as she is known by her church family. And I am proud to say I am a part of that family. She is a wonderful spiritual mother and guides her sons and daughters in the right way to live for God. She is an inspiration and most importantly she is a great example of how to stand and live for the Great and Almighty God. All of my family loves her and we consider her our mother. She comes in a small package but her heart is bigger than life itself. We thank God for her being in our lives. May God continue Blessing her as she Blesses so many others. We Love You

Saving grace!
by: Anonymous

I want to thank you Dr. Gloria for possibly saving my life! See I got born again in 2005 but for the last several years or so I back slid and my life spiraled out of control. To make a long story short I was very restless tonight on 1-27-12 I couldn't sleep so I went to turn on the TV. I came across your service @ 3am on a network called overcoming evil with good. You talked about when we are being led by the flesh what manifests into our lives and how we can't live the life God has for us following our fleshly nature. It was exactly what I needed to hear, because my life has been in complete chaos due to me following my fleshly nature. I have no doubt in my mind the holy spirit led me to you this morning! I just want to tell you God bless you and thank you for obeying and following the will of God for your life! I'm sure like me you have helped and saved many people! May God shower you with blessings 1000 fold!

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