Dr. Charles E. Boston

by Mattie Lovelace
(Hillsboro, Texas USA)

Pastor Boston,

I thank God for you because you have been an inspiration to all of the Little Zion Church Family. You are not only our pastor, but you are a teacher as well. You travel over 120 miles each and every Sunday just to feed your flock God's Mighty Word and not once have you complained. Even when you're feeling bad...you're there. When things go wrong...you're there. When you don't feel like preaching, you do it anyway because God has chosen you to be our Leader and I Praise Him for that.

May God Richly Bless you as you walk this narrow path. As the saying goes..."Preach Preacher...Preach...Preach God's Word.

God Bless..

Mattie Lovelace
Little Zion Missionary Bible Baptist Church
Hillsboro, Texas

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