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Dr. Bennatta W. Caldwell

by Regina L. Daniels
(Albany, Ga)

DR. Bennatta W. Caldwell, World's Best Pastor!

DR. Bennatta W. Caldwell, World's Best Pastor!

Jeremiah 3:15, the Lord says,"I will give you Pastor's according to my heart, which will feed you with knowledge and understanding".

We, at Word Of Truth Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries,inc. know that our Pastor, DR. BENNATTA W. CALDWELL is Called by GOD, Chosen by GOD, Anointed & Appointed by GOD, Sent by GOD, and given to Word of Truth by God. She oversees, leads, guides, she protects, teaches, trains, she counsels, preaches too, prays with and for us, and she feeds us with spiritual food which is the RHEMA word of God.

A woman who loves God and who loves God's people.
A woman who cares for people.
A woman who is patient with people.
A woman who is kind and gentle with people.
A woman who is humble.
A woman who is unselfish.
A woman who is peaceable.
A woman who has the joy of the Lord as her strength.
A woman who loves praising and worshiping God and
leading her people to worship God.
A woman who is willing and loves to serve God.
A woman who loves working with the youth as well as the senior citizens.
A woman who loves ministering to singles, as well as married couples.
A woman who ministers to those in prisons as well as those in the hospitals.
A woman who believes in doing the right thing and being Holy.
A woman who is courageous and strong in the Lord.
A woman who will stand up for righteousness, and speak out against sin.
A woman who is honest and truthful.
A woman whose children arise and call her blessed.
A woman with a vision from the Lord. Proverbs
29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people will perish;" but Dr. Caldwell proclaims, "Where there is vision, the Church will thrive"!

There is an awesome anointing that rests upon the life of Dr. Caldwell. She has great gifts of the spirit and uses them freely to the glory and honor of God. Although short in statue(standing at 4'11'),she stands tall and ministers the word of truth, healing, restoration, elevation and deliverance. A woman who will not compromise the gospel but stands on the "word of truth". She is truly a woman of poise, sound character, virtue, holiness, integrity and wisdom and is truly a blessing to man-kind and the Word of Truth Church Family.

Love You Pastor!

Comments for Dr. Bennatta W. Caldwell

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by: Prophet Jermaine E. Eady

As I was birthed in the spirit by this dynamic Woman of God, Dr. Caldwell has always shown me love and stood by me during the most challenging times in my life. I can attest to the fact that she is a a Pastor indeed. I celebrate the awesome ministry that God has ordained to be in the City of Albany.

Don't give up
by: A fellow pastor

Pastor Caldwell,
You are one of God's best. I pray that you will continue the awesome work that has been given you. I pray that God will put the right people in your life who will bless you spiritually as well as naturally. You are loved by so many.

May the life you live speak for itself.

A fellow pastor

by: Anonymous

Dr. Caldwell
We are so grateful that God called you to the Albany area. We have found you to be a woman of honesty, intigrity, poise and charisma. You are loved by many pastors in the area; they might not say it but they know that you are called and anointed.

by: Anonymous

Dr. Caldwell, you are truly a blessing to mankind. Albany is in need of a person of your caliber and we are so appreciative that God allowed you to pastor in the City of Albany. Keep the faith and stay the course. You are truly loved by some fellow pastors.

Love you

Beloved Pastor
by: Minister G.A. Brown

To my beloved pastor, 30 years being with you has been a learning, hurting, growing, awesome experience. No dollar value could pay for the teachings and godly examples I have seen in you.

No words could ever express my love and appreciation for all you have done to help me spiritually and naturally.

May God's richest blessings be upon you is my prayer!

Glad you're my Pastor!
by: Josiah Daniels

Pastor Caldwell, I love you very much and am so glad you are my Pastor! I love doing the Joshua Generation during service. Thanks for training me to be a leader while I'm young.

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