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Darrell Jones

by Jessica Pearson
(Florida, USA)

Pastor Jones and his wife Sara

Pastor Jones and his wife Sara

Pastor Jones understands what we do and he isn't afraid to talk about mistakes that he made and that he, like us, isn't perfect.

He knows everything that happens to us because we are a small country church. He may not call you brother or sister but he knows your name and where you live so he can check in from time to time. He is special because he is my pastor.

My pastor is currently enrolled in Orlando in a school that teaches him more about God so that he can help us get closer to God.

Our church is Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Lithia Florida... a small country church. His lovely wife, Sara, is an excellent singer and is part of our choir. They have two children - his oldest is Aubrey and his youngest is Caleb. However, the church's children and youth are also like his family.

My pastor hardly takes vacation time but when he does he truly deserves it. Even when he is sick he is trying to preach the word of God to us. He loves what he does and you can tell that by the way he smiles, shakes your hand, talks to you, and shares a joke with you. He likes our little church and as our pastor I hope he stays with us a long time. If he doesn't, he will always be remembered.

Comments for Darrell Jones

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Hello, Darrell!
by: Barbara Quinnell

I know you probably do not remember me, but I was your Sunday School teacher when you were 4 years old and attending Tabernacle Baptist in Palatka. You always brought a smile to my face. So wonderful to see that you are a Man of God and a Pastor.

by: Randy

Bro. Darrell

I had the privilege of meeting your parents - Doc and Shirley while preaching revival services at Calvary Baptist in Palatka FL.

They came every service and were very encouraging. The Lord Jesus blessed with His presence and power (Eph. 3:20,21).

They told me that you were a Pastor. So I felt impressed to look up your website.

Keep up the "good work" (Phil.1:6).

Pastor Randy Reese

WOW! Jessica
by: Deb Tickel

Hey Jessica, I'm so proud of you to have written about our Pastor. But most proud because you feel the same as I do about him at your young age. I'm sure he is proud of you too. Thanks for being a part of our Youth group and helping it to grow stronger spiritually. love ya, Mrs. Debbie

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