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Curtis B. Terrell

by Vicki
(Germantown, MD)

Pastor and First Lady Terrell

Pastor and First Lady Terrell

God has led Pastor Terrell to start Restore The Breach Fellowship in Germantown, MD. God plucked this man out of many men and said, "Bring my people home". Now mind you, I don't know the mind of God and I certainly don't know the heart of my Pastor. What I do know is that Pastor Terrell has a heart for people and he loves people UNCONDITIONALLY.

Pastor Terrell is a man who loves God first, his wife and daughter then the church. He believes that as long as he keeps his eyes on God everything else will fall into place.

God chose the perfect woman for him, a woman who loves her family and who protects her husband better than the secret service could ever do.

I want to thank them both for loving people, teaching the flock what God wants us to know and to grow. You are a true blessing to me.

Love You with the love of God.
Sis Vicki

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