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Crispin Bradsher

by Mary V.
(Nacogdoches, TX)

Bro. Crispin has been at Oak Grove for almost 10 years. During that time, it has been my privilege to call him my boss. The opportunity to work with him on a daily basis gives me a rather unique insight into his personality and enables me to see his strengths.

Our church really needed a Shepherd. We were without a pastor for 18 months when Bro. Crispin was called. God gave us a man with a Shepherd's heart. He is very thoughtful and kind, caring and sensitive. He is the kind of man who will drive hours to be with someone who is grieving or going through surgery.

He is a lover of the Word. He gets excited about the new things he discovers when he's digging out a sermon. The Holy Spirit directs his heart in preparation.

He adores his wife and loves his family very much. It hurts him when he misses time with them on particular days. It blesses me, a former PK, to see him set aside personal family time during the year. What an important thing to do!!

Bro. Crispin is a gifted musician. He and his wife both came to us with musical backgrounds. He has at different times, filled in on the Praise team playing drums. It's great that he is willing to be involved in all forms of ministry.

God gave him a full measure of creativity with aesthetic details. The beautification committee was impressed when he redecorated a LIFE Group room on his own. He is also good with graphic design on the computer.

Bro. Crispin is a wonderful friend to a lot of people. He tries very hard to stay on top of all of his responsibilities and wants so much for our fellowship to grow in grace and in passion for the Lord.

During Pastor Appreciation Month, it's important for me that Bro. Crispin know that I respect and appreciate the way I see God at work in his life. His family is very dear to me as well. Seeing his children grow up has been a blessing. May they all feel loved, especially at this time.

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