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A Clergy Tax Guide
Is A Must Have Reference Tool

A reputable clergy tax guide is a must-have - must-read - reference book. Too many churches and pastors try to get by with things they’ve always done or methods they’ve heard other pastors using.

What Makes a Good Clergy Tax Guide?

While no reference tool is perfect, the best church tax guides share a few basic characteristics.

  • They are updated annually. Tax rules change frequently... so should your pastor tax guide.
  • They are written and published by people who actually prepare pastor and church taxes. There's nothing like first-hand knowledge when it comes to income taxes.
  • The best pastor tax guides have examples of completed tax forms. Examples and illustrations can easily and quickly help clear up confusion.
  • They teach you how to keep records for professional expenses, housing allowance, and other tax information. The best guides don’t just tell you how to fill in your income tax forms. They teach you how to comply with all pertinent IRS rules.
  • The best pastor tax guides are written specifically for pastors and churches. Tax guides that simply have a chapter or two on pastor taxes can’t provide all the information you need.

Don't take chances when it comes to finding a good church tax guide. You need to know that you are getting the best, the most up to date, and the most accurate information possible.

So choose the best church and clergy tax guide you can find.

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