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Can you help with some church and pastor tax questions?

by Jack
(Canton, Ohio USA)

Is taxation for the ministry a valid legal permission?

2.) What types of tax deductions are allowed for religious advocates? (need 5)

3.) What types of records must be kept by a religious entity for taxation purposes? (need 5)

4.) What types of deductions are not permitted for a religious entity? (need 5)

5.) Are the penalties for fraud in religious entities in terms of tax deductions, If yes explain?

Would be a big help to get these answers, it's kinda part of my midterm I cant find the answers anywhere in my text book or online, PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!

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Tax Answers
by: My Pastor Editor

Sounds like someone skipped the wrong day of class!

I'm sorry that I can't give you specific answers to each of your questions. And you probably don't have time to order this book - but this book definitely has the answers you seek: Worth's Income Tax Guide for Ministers: 2009 Edition.

Other than that, I can only suggest that you visit your professor and ask for help - though if you procrastinated as long as it sounds, you might not get a warm reception!

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