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Bro.James Humphrey

On behalf of True Gospel Tabernacle Church, we would like to thank our Pastor and his wife Sis.Emma for being Faithful Servant's of God for 23 years. Bro.James is a true man of God. He brings forth the word just as God has given it to him. We Love you and Appreciate all your hours of prayer, fasting and studying that you do each week. Sis.Emma we Love and appreciate all your Dedication and Support that you give to him.

Thank you for Serving God for 23 years with us!

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Happy Anniversary----23 years!

Bro. James is an exceptional man of God, who cares for the sheep of his flock. He is always willing and ready to feed us the Word of God! Our church is growing spiritually and we never know what wonderful miracle God has in store for us next! It's an exciting time to be a part of our church and God's family! Keep up the good work Bro. James, we are praying for you! Thank you for the 23 years you have given to the Lord and our church! We are truly blessed!

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