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Bro. Steven Schwing sr.

by Summer

My pastor is the greatest he knows when we are down, he comes to talks to us.He knows when we are not in town. He preaches straight doesn't care what others think. He is a praying man he is very anointed. He knows his Bible. He is the best because when we have a problem we can talk to him. When we are sick and won't get down to pray for ourselves he takes time out of his day to pray.He is very loving he knows almost everybody in the church. We all have his phone number and he helps us when we are astray.He cares and I love him so that is why I am not afraid to say it " I LOVE YOU BRO. SCHWING!!!!"
By: Summer

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Miss you Michael!!!
by: Bro. Schwing

I don't know if you will ever read this but I want you to know that we miss and love you dearly. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Please call me if I can help in any way....
Bro. Schwing

good man of GOD
by: Anonymous

yes when I was at Bro. Schwings church it was good. He preaches good and everything. I agree Summer and Sarah

Best church in then world
by: Michael Matte

My wife was invited to Bro. Schwing's church one night when we needed it so badly. I refused to go to church with her. I finally gave in and went. The first service I felt a mighty move of God. I was raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal church, baptized when I was 10 received the Holy Ghost at 11. I back slid after the wonderful grandparents who raised me passed away. I met and married my wife in the world and we had 4 wonderful kids. My wife and 5 year old son got the holy ghost at bro Schwings church. Well then I gave up. Now we aren't going to church any more. I want to go so bad and I know my wife and kids do too. I just feel we have let so many people down. Mostly I let Jesus down and feel like he has given up on me. I miss this church and love it like I have never felt before.

Anyway the point is Bro Schwing teaches the absolute, unchanging, uncompromising truth. I have been to several churches who teach the same doctrine but allow wordly influences to corrupt the truth. This is not even close to the case at this church. I wish words could express how wonderful this congregation is, which is a direct reflection of it's pastor but its impossible.

Anyway if this gets to someone who speaks to Bro Schwing please let him know that my family and I appreciate the short time that we were able to be a part of his wonderful godly church.

by: Sarah Schwing

I agree with you 100%, Summer!!! We have the best pastor and I'm not ashamed to say it either! Not just because he is my dad am I saying this, but because it is so true and I truly thank God for such an awesome leader in my life.

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